Soldering frames

Our company provides custom-designed devices for soldering and implanting various PCBs with extremely fast deadlines. (soldering, selective, reflow, manual or other frames)

We undertake the production of the following types, and different size of products from a commitment period of up to 1 day:

  • Selective frames and Wave Solder Frames
    • Teflon coating for longer life
    • ESD Hold-downs, clamps for Pressing components on wave solder pallet with different clamping forces
    • Poke-Yoke top-hats
    • Titanium inserts or full titanium frames.
  • Coating carriers
    • double-sided coating carriers
  • JIG-s:
    • Assembly JIG
    • Holder JIG
    • Manual Soldering Jig
  • SMT frames:

For Flexi panel with magnetic clamp, anodised on request, with laser-cut nickel clamps

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